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Making your first project can be accomplished with a minimum of tools / equipment, however, the items listed below will help make your project easier, and improve the level of finish.

Kydex Press made at home
Here is an improvised Kydex Press that I use, and it works so well, I have no need to make a better one.
tags • kydex • press • diy
Toaster Oven - Even heat
This is the family toaster oven, one of the best ways to form kydex out in your workshop.
tags • toaster • shaping • kydex • heat
Eyelet or Rivet Set
This is the inexpensive way to put rivets or eyelets into your kydex projects
tags • eyelet • rivet • kydex
Table Sanding station
A not completely unecissary tool that makes the job much easier.
tags • sanding • finishing • kydex • shaping
Metalic Sharpie Marker writes in Silver
This new sharpie writes and stays on Kydex, and since it is silver it shows up well.
tags • sharpie • outline • plans • equiptment
Templates are commonly used pieces that you wrap the kydex around to form it.
tags • shaping • kydex • templates • equiptment
Sanding Films - The final step before using your Kydex Project
Finish sanding may not alway be fun, but it really makes a huge difference in the look of your project
tags • sanding • films • finishing • kydex
Heat Gun
A tool for Shaping kydex
tags • shaping • kydex • heat • equiptment
Dremel - all purpose tool
When I started working with Kydex, I only had a dremel for a sander, and used it from start to finish
tags • dremel • sanding • finishing • equiptment • cutting
Craftsman 14 Inch Bandsaw
Bandsaws are in my opinion the easiest way of cutting kydex into whatever shape you like
tags • kydex • shaping • cutting • equiptment • bandsaw
Welding Gloves - hold the kydex as long as you like
When forming with the heat gun, my process relies on the welding gloves
tags • welding • gloves • kydex • shaping
Counter Sink - clean up those holes!
This can be used to remove the burrs from around the holes you drill.
tags • drilling • kydex • eyelets
Edge Slicker or Burnishing Leather
tags • edge • slicker • edge • burnishing • edge • beveling • gum • tragacanth • leather • finishing
Snap Setting Tools for Leatherwork
tags • snap • setting • anvil • snaps • belt • making • bracelet • making
Leather Punches (for use with mallet)
tags • leather • punch • punching • holes • belt • making
Hand held Leather Hole Punch
tags • leather • punch • punching • holes • belt • making
Edge Beveler for Leather
tags • edge • beveling • edge • burnishing
Leather Stamps and Tools
tags • stamping • leather • tooling • leather • leather • designs
Strap End Punch
tags • belt • making • cutting • leather
Pro Strap Cutter
tags • belt • making • cutting • leather • cutting • straps • bracelet • making
Utility Knife for cutting leather
tags • cutting • leather • belt • making